Noncompete reform: A Call to Action

Here’s what’s happening:

Yesterday evening, the House voted, 149-0, to pass H.4434. This is a landmark moment and a huge step toward meaningful reform. However: While the bill contains a historic “garden leave” clause requiring compensation in the event a noncompete is enforced, it also– whether by design or oversight– contains language that provides a backdoor for employers to avoid making that compensation meaningful.

Here’s the plan:

We are working with members of the Senate to ensure that the final version of this legislation closes the loophole and restores the original intent of the bill (to establish a minimum level of compensation for employees affected by noncompetes).

Here’s what you can do:

Advocate! Follow this link to let YOUR state Senator know where you stand. We’ve provided a tool that will autofill the correct lawmaker based on your address, and we’ve provided a template that outlines our position– all you have to do is click and call!

Promote! Click here to Tweet your support for noncompete reform. This may seem insignificant, but the more voices that chime in, the louder the call.

Here’s what else:

This doesn’t end here. Right now we’re making our position known; soon an amendment will be filed, with definitive language to support, and dedicated outreach will be once again crucial. We’ll provide the resources; please remain on alert!

This has been a long and grueling battle, but we are truly rounding third and headed for home. Thank you for your continued support– we can’t wait to celebrate with you once this incredible victory for the Massachusetts workforce and economy goes final! We’re almost there!